The Best Sections of the Pacific Crest Trail

The best sections of the PCT

Chain Lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

The Chain Lakes have always been on my radar. We finally made it, on a hot and smoky weekend in late August. It was as beautiful as I imagined.

Too Much Good Stuff

If you're exhausted and happy, you're doing something right.

South Ridge San Jacinto

Being a parent who loves to get out on outdoor adventures can be challenging. While we've successfully taken our little one on numerous backpacking trips and hikes, it's often...

A February Backpack

Being from the northwest, a backpacking trip in February is a bit of a novelty. It can be done, but it takes quite a bit of luck for things to line up correctly, at least for a trip that isn't a complete sufferfest.

Lake Margaret Loop

Our beautiful loop trip to Lake Margaret in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The weather I would describe as "dynamic", with soaking rain showers, hail, sun breaks, and rainbows.

Pear Lake

It rained. Our goal was to do an out and back to Pear Lake -- a short nine mile or so trip. We made it out four miles the first day before we decided to set up the tent....

Jennie Lake Loop

A great trip through Jennie Lakes Wilderness with our 2.5 year old.

The Little Man's First Backpacking Trip

The little man is nearly three, it's time to get him out on his first backpacking trip.

Sawmill Pass

I once again woke early on Friday, and was out the door by 3:30. I love those early morning drives when there is adventure waiting on the other end...

Klonaqua Cradle Loop

Some time ago, I stopped doing really any more research into a backpacking trip than I really had to do. I generally just look at a map, find some interesting lake, meadow, or river, decide to go check it out, and go...

You do what you have to do to play in the Mountains

I mentioned that I had woken up that morning at 2am, and drove nine hours from San Diego to get myself into this beautiful place. "You do what you have to do to get into the mountains" I shrugged as I continued on. My next goal, making it over the top of 10,990' Goodale Pass...

My Favorite Images From Our Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

With the new "Wild" movie coming out (for better or worse), I took a look back at our Pacific Crest Trail adventure.

Maggie Lakes Backpack in November

Zoie, our orange and somewhat spunky cat looked at me with disdain as I slowly rolled over from a deep sleep to turn off my alarm clock...

A Solo Backpack

Jeannie spent the past few days showing off little Mason to our friends and family in Portland, which gave me the opportunity to get out on another adventure...

Finally. Back to Backpacking

It has been a long time since I've been backpacking. Having a child will do things like that...

Lessons From the Pacifc Crest Trail

Frigid river crossings and snow traverses, unending ascents over high mountain passes and soaking rain permeating through layers of waterproof clothing. Our Pacific Crest Trail adventure gave us plenty of uncomfortable...