Solstice in the Sierras

We spent June 19th - June 22nd playing in the Sierras once again. It's a bit of a drive, but I frequently need to get my mountain fix in, so I think it's worth it...

Camping in the Eastern Sierra

The little one is nearly 20 months old and I'm feeling some guilt about not doing more outdoor adventure...

San Diego Urban Canyon Explorations

I love to get out and explore the more wild areas surrounding wherever I live, but I sometimes overlook the good stuff that's really close...

Little Man Training

Did a short hike yesterday up at Mt. Laguna. It was only about three miles in total, but the little man walked all but probably a half-mile of that all on his own two feet. This is in part because he decided that he really...

First Camping Trip With a Toddler

Yeah, I was pretty hesitant at first. Camping with a 10 month old seemed like misery, but I also really wanted to see some mountains. To walk in alpine meadows. To look at the stars.

A Solo Mt. Laguna Hike

Blue skies, great temps, and snakes.

Lena Lake in April

Today was a hike to a mountain lake, which is pretty nice since it's mid-April and mountain lakes in the Northwest aren't supposed to melt out until July.

First Hike with a Small Child

Last week: walking through cactus, yucca, and a sparse desert landscape to a hidden palm oasis. This week: walking along a rushing, clear, and cold river, through tall trees and a totally lush and verdant understory. Quite the change.

Exploring Cuyamaca State Park

I really didn't have a plan today, other than explore some of the maze of trails at Cuyamaca State Park. I ended up creating a nice 12.5 mile loop, that took me up near to the top Cuyamaca Peak.

Hellhole Oasis in Anza Borrego

Sometimes when it's 45 degrees and sprinkling, and you're wearing shorts, it's the universe trying to tell you that you should be somewhere else. Sometimes you're rewarded for listening.

Rain or Shine: Rewards for the Stubborn

Sometimes you just have to do something, regardless of whether it's a good idea or not. We had a busy holiday season of parties, get-togethers, and family time, which was nice, but didn't leave too much time for adventures...