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Ctitch has been a long-running personal project of mine that has really become the management system for my personal life and for my various freelance and personal projects...

On-Page SEO Checklist

A simple checklist of items to ensure proper on-page SEO

Google Analytics Sucks

Yeah, it's a little blunt and harsh, but over the years I've been growing more and more disatisfied with the tool...

Data: The End of Web Design as an Art

What is the role of the designer when everything is designed by data?

My Backend is Better than Yours

For some reason I found myself in a subreddit where someone started the familiar post on why their backend programming language was better than PHP...

Organizing Files for Web Projects

Historically I've always organized my website files pretty much based on file type. For example, I would have an images folder, and a folder for javascript files, and a folder for sass/css files. This isn't the best way.