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If you're exhausted and happy, you're doing something right.

Mountain Bikes Should Not Be Allowed in Wilderness. Let's Find a Solution

I love the outdoors -- I thoroughly enjoy cycling, mountain biking, hiking, and any other excuse for getting outside and wearing myself out...

South Ridge San Jacinto

Being a parent who loves to get out on outdoor adventures can be challenging. While we've successfully taken our little one on numerous backpacking trips and hikes, it's often...

More Energy and Less Stress: Back to Biphasic Sleeping

Every eight to twelve months I start thinking about biphasic sleeping. For those unaware, biphasic sleeping is basically going from one main sleep period, to two...


Ctitch has been a long-running personal project of mine that has really become the management system for my personal life and for my various freelance and personal projects...

Thoughts on the Pomodoro Technique and Perhaps a Better Way

I've used the Pomodoro Technique on-and-off for probably about a year. There are definitely aspects that I like about it, but I think I've come to the conclusion that it's not the right answer to my productivity issues...

Self Taxing and the Society Investment Fund

My news feeds are inundated by news of Trump slashing government investment in numerous programs and organizations...

Using An RSS Reader to Find Me Freelance and Contract Jobs

Since this is my second time being a freelance/contract worker, it's my goal to eliminate, or at least reduce the impacts of the feast-famine cycle that seems to be pretty common in this world of being your own boss...


Furniture should play a larger role in homes. It has, for perhap's it's entire history, been relegated to filling space, utilized for creating places to sit, store things, to hold other pieces of furniture.

Joshua Tree

After our initial plans fell through, we found ourselves in Joshua Tree.

A February Backpack

Being from the northwest, a backpacking trip in February is a bit of a novelty. It can be done, but it takes quite a bit of luck for things to line up correctly, at least for a trip that isn't a complete sufferfest.

On-Page SEO Checklist

A simple checklist of items to ensure proper on-page SEO

Education Must Become Technology-Based

Education is one of the most important features of a strong society, and can be easily argued that it is the most important aspect...

An Easy Android App GET and POST Content From URL Example

A bit of a tutorial on GET and POST within an Android App

Election 2016 in Graphs

I don't think there is anything really shocking or new with the graphs below, but it is always interesting to see our political views correlated with where we live, levels of education, and even things like obesity.

Pacifica Propaganda

With the recent election of Donald Trump, I decided to start my own country of Pacifica...

Reference a Variable Outside of a Handlebars Each Loop

Once within an Handlebars each loop, you can no longer just reference a variable that is outside the loop...

A Better Location for Portland's Public Market

Finding the perfect location for Portland's Public Market.

Simple Sticky Element

The user scrolls down the page and once the scrolling reaches the top of an element of my choosing, that element sticks to the top of the window, so it's always visible from that point on...

Chrome displays a different height than what Chrome says the height should be.

I was changing the height of an element, but no matter where I specified the height, it wasn't displaying what I was putting in