Section With Three Tiles

A page section with three tiles distributed evenly. By default, the tiles are constrained at 1200px (and centered), although this can be set via the $settings array.


$settings['contain'] - Changes the maximum pixel dimension for the content area that contains the tiles
$data['title'] - An optional title for the section
$data[x]['contentImage'] - An image url for an image that appears at the top of the tile
$data[x]['contentTitle'] - A title that appears in the tile
$data[x]['contentText'] - Text that appears within the tile, below the title


	$data[0]['contentTitle'] 	= "First Tile Title";
	$data[0]['contentText'] 	= "Text for my first tile";
	$data[1]['contentTitle'] 	= "Second Tile Title";
	$data[1]['contentText'] 	= "Text for my second tile";
	$data[2]['contentTitle'] 	= "Third Tile Title";
	$data[2]['contentText'] 	= "Text for my third tile";
	$settings['contain'] 	= 1000;