Accordion Menu

The Action:

A navigation list. Clicking on a main link opens a sub-level of navigation, while hiding any other sections that are currently open.


Why Was This Created?

An initial attempt was made using bootstrap, which works, but results in some pretty messy code. This version just uses simple unordered lists, so everything is kept as clean and semantic as possible. 



1. Include jQuery in your document.

2. Include the "Nav Accordion" javascript code shown below.

3. Create the list structure as shown below.


Other Notes:

1. When a section is currently open, the link tag will be given a class of "accordionnav-current-section" for easy styling.

2. When first opening the page, if you want a section open by default, set a javascript variable named "accordionNavSection" equal to the id of the subsection you would like to have open.




Javascript Code:


HTML Code:

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