Freelance Project Management Software

The ideas for Vimsio were first formulated while I was working as a freelance web designer. I was looking for something that resembled project management software, but worked the way I wanted it to. Much of the project management software that was out there was made more for large teams working within a corporate structure. I just wanted something simple, more tailored for freelancers — freelance project management software.

I had a few things I was mainly looking for:

Create separate folders for each project

I wanted to be able to create folders, and be able to create as many subfolders as needed. I now keep one ‘projects’ folder as a main folder, with all of my projects as separate folders within it.

Create lists of tasks related to each project

I wanted to keep separate lists reelated to each project, but also make it easy to add tasks from these separate lists onto my daily or current task list.

Ability to add notes, bookmarks, and photos for each project

For all of my projects, I would also keep quite a few notes and bookmarks to other websites that offered some inspiration or had information related to whatever I was working on.

Plan my day

Since everything else was on Vimsio, I made as well just take it the rest of the way and have my daily schedule there as well. Maybe even have it track my projects and give me reports of how much time I’m spending on any given project.

A mix of office and personal life

Because I was a freelancer, and my personal life and work life intermingled, I really wanted to create something that could not only track my work life, but something that I could also use as a personal tracking tool. It made sense that since I was using Vimsio to organize photos, notes, and bookmarks related to projects, that I could use these for my personal adventures as well.

I’m passionate about what I do in my professional life. Because of this, I actually really love having Vimsio track everything in both sectors of my life. I imagine that in 20 years, it will be quite interesting to look back and see what I was working on, and what I was up to at this stage in my life.