How Do I View My Posts By Hashtag on Twitter?

I post a fair bit to Twitter, and I’m always wanting to go back and easily find an article I shared or a thought that I quickly tweeted. I’ve always thought that it would be extremely useful if I could just view all of my tweets based on whatever hashtags I would like to see. For instance, if I wanted to see everything I tweeted about hiking, I’d just have to click on my hiking hashtag link and it would show me everything on that topic that I’ve thrown out into the tweetverse.

Viewing My Posts By Hashtag on Twitter

While there isn’t a nice listing of all of my hashtags that I’ve entered into tweets, you can view see all of your posts on a topic by searching for the hashtag followed by your account name, so the above example for me would be ‘#hiking drempd’. I’d search for that and it would bring up all of my posts.

This kind of works for my needs, but I’d really just like to see a listing of all of my hashtags, and maybe be able to organize them how I want. I could see organizing my tweet history into folders and grouping things together so I can easily find what I want.

I guess the original intent of Twitter wasn’t for it to be a personal repository of information, which I think is actually what I’m looking for. The other issue with using Twitter to store my information is that pesky 140 character limit. Especially when I’m trying to get a thought out of my head quickly, I generally don’t want to take the time to condense it down to 140 characters.

Viewing posts by tag in ZinDrop

My Way of Viewing My Posts By Hashtag

My solution to this problem is to just build something that does what I want it to do, so I built out Zindrop, which is a tool for saving thoughts and bookmarks much like Twitter, but I can view my tweets by hashtag (I’ll have to think of something else to call posts in my program) and I’m not limited by that character limit. Currently Zindrop just has a full list of all of my hashtags, but I’m already beginning to see the need for some improvements, like the ability to organize the tag list, and maybe hide some hashtags from appearing within it. For now though, it does what I want it to do, which is a place to easily write a thought or bookmark a page and easily find it later.

Do You Have a Need of Viewing Posts By Hashtag?

If you have the same need as I, feel free to give Zindrop a try. It’s still a pretty new thing, and I’d love to develop it further to meet the needs of however many people find it useful.