My Zindrop Collections

Zindrop has been a little side project for a while. It's basically a place to drop random thoughts, web bookmarks, and photos into one place, and organize it all by tags. I recently added the ability to make certain collections (posts grouped by tags) public, so anyone browsing could see those things. I like this idea that for the most part, everything I post on my zindrop account is private and only for me, but for a few things, I'm willing to share to anyone who comes along. It's more or less how we all work in the real-world; much of what we are concealed from others, only sharing what we want others to see.

I also really like the idea of curating a collection of stuff, whether they are intresting bookmarks, photos, or random thoughts. I've started working on a few public collections, that I'll grow, refine, and prune over time:


Adventure is one of the biggest influences on my life. I'm drawn to the outdoors and making my way across landscapes. This collection still has plenty of room to grow, but I'm hoping to keep it fresh with good bookmarks, along with my own adventures.

See my adventure bookmarks and posts


I have a degree in architecture and it will always be a love of mine. I still dream of someday having some level of involvement in the architecture world, but for now reading interesting architecture blogs with sexy pictures will have to do. Currently I'm mostly drawn to houses that blend inside and out, so I've found myself bookmarking lots of those posts.

See my architecture bookmarks


My collection of "fascinating" things mostly revolves around science and a little bit of philosophy.

Bookmarks about fascinating science discoveries

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