Organizing Projects with Vimsio

Todo list and notes together in a single screen

The development of Vimsio started while I was a freelance web designer, juggling multiple projects and trying to stay productive. Working on many projects at once was one of the things I loved about freelancing, but it was burden to keep all of the plates spinning. I wanted a tool that would allow me to organize my projects, along with my schedule all in one place. While there is still plenty left to develop, Vimsio it is already a powerful tool to stay organized and to keep my various projects on track. This post offers a little overview of how I organize projects using Vimsio.

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The Projects Folder

I utilize Vimsio to manage my work projects, but also personal projects, vacations, trips, photos, and interesting articles I find. Because I use Vimsio to manage so much, I created a ‘Projects’ folder to house my various projects. Within this folder, I have additional folders for my current projects. I also created an ‘Archive’ folder, which I move past projects to if I complete them. I also add a little screenshot or an icon for each of my folders. I like things to look good, which I’ve found helps me keep things even more organized.

Somewhat Kanban

I like lists. Within each folder I usually have at least two lists. The “big” list holds all of my random thoughts and ideas, and then I have a list of several items that I’m actively working on. Once I complete a few of those off of the active list, I will move a few more items over from the big list.

In Vimsio, you can create as many lists as you want, so you can create a list of finished items for your project, which is similar to the fairly popular Kanban system. Once you have you have finished a task, you can drag the completed task to that list for a nice visual representation of your accomplishments.

The number and types of lists that I have varies based on the project. I of course have a project folder for continued development of Vimsio, and within that folder, I have a list for current tasks, a list for enhancements, one for issues and bugs to fix, and a list of random ideas that I don’t know what to do with yet. This setup works perfectly for that specific project, but other project folders are set up quite different. The great thing about Vimsio is that it is flexible enough to accomodate a variety of projects and needs.

Below is an actual screenshot for one of my website projects, TrailsNW. It includes a general list of items I want to finish, as well as a list of more immediate tasks to complete:

What Else Goes In My Project Folders?

I keep many random notes regarding projects, and also find myself bookmarking quite a few reference sites. If it’s something related to a project, or I think it may be helpful in the future, I make sure it gets added to that project folder. It’s nice having everything I need in one place.

It’s also nice leaving additional notes or comments with specific resources. You can see this in the screenshot for another web project, Strymr. I bookmarked some reference material, and was able to leave a little comment as to why I left the bookmark for myself.

Folder Index

It’s sometimes nice to have a simple list of all posts within a project so I can quickly see everything that a project folder contains. Vimsio has this feature, but it is hidden by default. To enable it for a folder, just click the ‘folder index’ icon on the folder header (circled with red in the screenshot). In addition to listing everything in the folder, the list can be ordered however you want, without the actual posts being reordered. Just click and drag the titles around. This makes it incredibly helpful keep posts that you may want to reference frequently as accessible as possible.

What’s Next?

Vimsio works well for keeping all of my projects organized, and there is more to come. There are many improvements in the works to help make it quicker and more efficient to add content. Suggestions or features you would like to see added? Let me know in the comments below, or send me a message.