Seeing All of My Todo Lists in One View

I usually have numerous projects going on, for both myself and my clients. Usually in Vimsio I create a folder for each client, and drop in a todo list, which works well, but each list is somewhat siloed from the various other lists. I recently added the ability to tag posts, so a todo list can now exist in multiple folders (if I’ve tagged a post with the same name as a folder, it now automatically appears in the folder). This mostly worked, but posts in Vimsio have always been listed vertically, and it just made sense to add an option to display posts horizontally so I can see more of everything at once. I can now set the post orientation within folders, so I can now see all of the todo lists for my various clients, and line them up horizontally so I have a clearer image of everything that I need to get done.

There are a couple other things that are helpful when viewing lists in this horizontal fashion:

Setting Post Widths To Maximize How Many Lists I See

To cram more lists onto my view, I can adjust the widths of the lists by clicking on the edit post icon (appears at the bottom of the post when hovering over the post), and then reducing the width. In Vimsio, their are basically three sizes that can be set; small, medium, or large, with small creating a fairly narrow post width. For my needs, I left them all at the medium size setting, so I can see several lists at once.

Sorting To Do Lists

Sorting has always been a slight issue in Vimsio. The best way to get the lists to appear in a desired order is to name them alphabetically, and then sort the posts based on their titles (so the one I want to appear first would be something like “a First List”, the second one would be “b Second List”. Eventually I would like to make it easier to sort things, but for now this works.