Strymr Design Updates

By Forrest Smith -

Strymr is my blog post, video and news aggregator website (hopefully soon it will pull even more types of media). It has been an ongoing project for several years, and it\’s been neglected for about that long.  I have been thinking of some pretty big things for the site recently however, and I felt that an updated interface was necessary.  The design had been pretty similar to other sites out there, with large tiles and images –commonly referred to as pinterest style.  While at some point I think the design was fairly unique, this style is everywhere now, so every site looks like every other site.  I also wanted to load more content within the browser window at any given time, so I greatly reduced the size of the tiles, did away with some complex layout magic, and simplified everything.  There is of course lots of work to do on the design, but I am currently working on some large infrastructure improvements, and some larger features.