To Do List With a Weekly Summary

Keeping a list (actually many lists) has vastly improved my productivity over the years. I mainly keep lists for my weekly tasks, but I also keep them for specific projects, ongoing tasks, and things I would love to accomplish. As important as it is to keep lists to keep me on track, one of the great benefits is just to help aid my ability to see how productive I’ve actually been.

While there are a couple ways within Vimsio to see what tasks have been completed, my favorite is just seeing the full list of completed items from the history view. To see this listing, just click on the settings icon for a list, and click on “history”. This will open a popup which shows, by default, all tasks for that list that have been completed over the past 30 days, grouped by day. There are of course several options that allow You to customize your list of completed items.

To Do List with Weekly Summary

Choosing the weekly summary option with show all items completed during the current week. You can even choose if your week starts on a Sunday or a Monday.

Custom Date Range

Choosing a date range pulls up all completed tasks within that range.

All Lists

I keep many lists, and not everything gets pulled onto my main to do list, but it is nice to see a comprehensive listing of everything I’ve completed. checking the “All Lists” option will do just that. Once clicked, it will pull in all completed tasks, regardless of whether they were part of the list that you are currently on.

To do lists are fantastic tools for keeping yourself on track, but don’t forget to bask in your success! Viewing your list of’ completed to do items can be a great motivator for keeping up your good habits and can act as a bit of a reward for yourself.

Be sure to check out Vimsio, to see how other ways this powerful app can help you stay productive.