Nestable List Items for Todo Lists

I create a great variety of todo lists in my normal workflow. I generally create a list for each project I’m working on, a list for my week, and have even been known to make monthly, quarterly, and yealy lists. I like lists.

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A feature I’ve always needed as a serial list maker is the ability to nest and organize list items as part of sub-tasks — nestable list items. A common setup for me is to create a list for my full week (I just like seeing everything in one go), and have a separate section for each day. With my nested set up, it’s easy to organize my todo task for each day. There are many advantages to nesting todo list items, including greater organization and enhanced focus by being able to collapse and hide sections that you don’t need to see.

Use Nestable List Items in Vimsio

Nesting todo list items is really quick and easy. While the cursor is in a todo item, just hit the tab key. This will indent that list item, and the item above it will automatically become the “parent”. To undo the action, just hold the shift key while hitting the tab key. This will “outdent” the list item so it is no longer a child.

Expanding and Collapsing Nested List Items

You can collapse and expand nested list item sections. On the parent list item, just click on the arrow/triangle next to the text of the parent list item. Clicking on this will collapse or expand the section.

Moving List Item Sections

To move an entire section, just grab the hanndle for the parent list item and move it to where you would like in your list (you can also use the shift+up key and shift+down key to move list item sections with the keyboard).

Time Estimation in Todo List Item Sections

A great feature of Vimsio is using the time estimation for todo lists feature to calculate how long a group of tasks will take. By adding time estimates to sub-tasks, they will all be totaled and the entire time estimate for all sub-tasks will be displayed with the parent todo item.

Nesting todo list items is a great way to keep your lists organized and uncluttered. Give it a try today – list nesting is available on all lists and plans with Vimsio.