Todo Lists With Colored Backgrounds

I found myself writing in all caps at the beginning of my todo list items, signaling what I can go ahead and work on, what I’m waiting on, and things that I can’t really start yet. Little Notes like ‘ON HOLD’ or ‘GO’. It was working acceptably well, but it seemed like designating these things with a color on the entire list item might make it clearer. It’s one of those small changes that could potentially make a pretty big change in how I work and my overall efficiency, so I went ahead and added the feature to Vimsio. So far, it’s pretty nice.

I’ve only added a few colors so far (green, yellow, red, and the default white), but I may add more in the future.

To give a list item a background color, just use the mouse to hover over the item, which brings up the options for that list item, and then click on the desired color.

Color coded to do list items