web design

Communicating Website Design to Developers

January 08, 2019

The best method of communicating website designs and intent to developers.

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Designers Should Just Learn to Code

April 09, 2018

Of course all of the time spent learning a new piece of software could just be spent learning how to code...

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Why Do Stock Photo Companies Suck?

April 04, 2018

I have a growing distaste for stock photo companies. I remember trying to cancel my monthly subscription with...

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Inserting a PSD into another PSD File

September 08, 2017

Using the 'Place Linked' feature in Photoshop helps me work faster, which gives me more time to make my work better.

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How to Make Bloated Software that Doesn't Suck

July 29, 2016

I like simplicity and ease of use, but I also like making software that accomplishes a lot. I think it's a challenge to add robustness without adding complication and negatively impacting ease of use...

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