Vimsio Update: Todo List Item Notes

I have always tried to keep my todo list items fairly short and to the point, but it is helpful at times to keep a longer note that offers more information, direction, or references. While this information is good to have, I don’t always want to clutter up my nice, clean list.

I recently added the ability to add longer notes to list items to Vimsio, and enhanced that basic functionality with the ability to show and hide them. Now, I can have longer notes with each item without making a mess of things.

Adding a Note to a Todo List Item

After adding a list item, just hit ‘shift’+’enter’, which will open a textbox where you can enter your notes. Once you enter a note, a note icon will appear on the right side of the list item, which denotes that there is a note for that item. Clicking on the icon will toggle the note on and off.

List item with additional notes.