Guns in Conservative vs Liberal States

Gun Death Rate By State "Liberalness"

The Death Rate by Guns is Greater in Conservative States

As a state becomes more liberal, the overall death rate due to guns drops. This graph shows the distribution of gun deaths based on its "liberalness", represented by the percentage of the state that voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. On the left, with the smallest amount of citizens voting for Biden is Wyoming (which also has one of the highest rates of death from guns). As the graph moves to the right, the states become more liberal, with Vermont on on the opposite end of the graph, where 66.1% of the population voted for Biden. As a general trend, the greater the percentage of votes for Biden, the lower the death rate from guns.

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states with the lowest rates of gun death are liberal.

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states with the highest rates of gun death are conservative.

Gun Murder Rate

Gun Murder Death Rate By State "Liberalness"

Gun Suicide Rate

Gun Suicide Death Rate By State "Liberalness"