Red America, Blue America

Each graph shows data from all 50 states, arranged horizontally, based on the percentage of the state's population who voted for Biden. On the left side of each graph is the most conservative, Wyoming, where only 26.6% of the population voted for Biden. At the other end of each graph is Vermont, where 66.1% of the population voted for Biden. The vertical axis is each state's data for the given metric, for instance, the percentage of each state's population that has attained a Bachelor's Degree (which rises as states become more liberal).

For each graph, the actual state-by-state data is represented with light gray dots. Hover your mouse over each dot to see specific data for that state. Hovering your mouse over each graph will reveal the y-axis. The trend line averages state data for each group of five states, plotting a point for each, with some smoothing applied.

Bachelor's Degree

Percentage of citizens with a bachelor's degree. Liberal states have a higher percentage of citizens with bachelor's degrees. Only 26.7% of Wyoming residents have bachelor's degrees while Vermont, the most liberal has 36.8%.

Median Family Income

Median income in dollars. Income rises steadily from conservative to liberal states. Nine out of the top ten states for median family income are liberal. Nine out of the ten states with the lowest median family incomes are conservative states.

GDP Per Capita

GDP per capita in dollars. GDP Per Capita rises as states lean more and more liberal. Wyoming and North Dakota, both very conservative states with high GDP's, make the overall trend a little less pronounced than it would otherwise be.

Dependence on Federal Aid

Dependency score based on WalletHub analysis. In general, the more liberal the state, the less it relies on federal aid. Eight out of the ten most dependent states are conservative.


Percentage of citizens in poverty. Moving from the most conservative, to most liberal states on our graph, the rate of poverty drops. Nine out of ten of the states most stricken with poverty are conservative.


Percentage of adults who are obese. More liberal states have a lower percentage of adult obesity. Nine out of the ten most obese states are conservative, while eight out of the ten least obese states are liberal.

Suicide Rate

Suicides per 100k people. The suicide rate drops steadily as we move from conservative to liberal states, with very liberal states having a markedly lower rate.

Murder Rate

Murders per 100k people. The trend for a state's murder rate (per 100k people) is fairly pronounced, with red states claiming a higher rate compared with their liberal counterparts.