Forrest Smith

Design & Front-End Development

Experienced web designer and front-end developer seeking creative and engaging freelance opportunities with companies making a positive impact on the world. To be an integral member of a business where my entrepreneurial spirit and ambition can help the company grow.

Work History

Contract/Freelance 1/2017 - Current

UI/UX design and front-end development for a variety of businesses and startups.

RentLinx/AppFolio 2013 - 2016

Responsibilities include design and front-end coding. Enhanced the usability and design of the RentLinx product, which helped lead to an acquisition by AppFolio in 2015.

fcrWebDesign 2007 - 2013

My freelancing business. Duties include graphic design, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery coding. Interfacing with clients, potential clients, and day to day operations.

Pacific Crest Trail 2007

Duties included walking 2,650 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail, from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. Extensive planning, goal setting, and relationship building.

Yost Grube Hall Architecture 2005 - 2006

Intern Architect - responsible for creating and maintaining drawings, adhering to standards, and interacting with the rest of the design team.

Freelance Web Design Work 1998 - 2007

Worked on a variety of website projects throughout my college and employment history, including work for the Cascadia Chapter of the US Green Building Council, Metro (Portland, Oregon's regional government), and various small businesses.


HTML/CSS 24 years experience

I have been using HTML for over 26 years (CSS quickly followed). I have continued to evolve my skillset through various versions and implementations of front end coding technology.

SASS 10 years experience

I have been utilizing SASS on projects since 2014. The simplification and efficiency brought by SASS has made the development of complex websites and web-based apps much easier, clean, and robust.

Photoshop 24 years experience

Photoshop is used extensively through all phases of my web design process, from idea generation and quick mockups, to refined designs.

jQuery/Javascript 14 years experience

I have used Javascript for many years on various websites to add a higher level of user interaction and usability. Creating more streamlined websites has become a stronger focus in my projects, which is made possible by jQuery and Javascript.

Responsive Design 13 years experience

I've been developing responsive websites since 2011. I strive to utilize responsive strategies to create optimal experiences on various devices.

PHP/MySQL 21 years experience

PHP and MySQL are used extensively in my website projects, but aren't my main area of focus.

Graphic/Web Design 24 years experience

I have been designing websites since 1998. My experiences have taught me the best design practices for creating engaging and easy to use websites that effectively accomplish the unique goals of each website.

Other Tools

Git, GitHub, Wordpress, Shopify, Visual Studio, Bootstrap, Inkscape, LAMP stack, .NET environment


University of Oregon

Degree: Architecture
Graduation: June 2005

Other Interests

Outdoor Adventure

Hiking, backpacking, and a general interest in moving across the landscape. Completed the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007, the Colorado Trail in 2009, and various other trips and adventures.


Experiencing and creating great spaces, along with interests in designing our cities and communities to create a stronger society. I would love to meld my interests in web design and urbanity.


I love the act of creation, whether it's a website, a t-shirt, or skyscraper (someday!). I enjoy arriving at a finished realization of an idea, but also the process needed to get there.