Standard Section Functionality

This functionality simplifies the process of creating a “standard section” on a website (it can also be used to create a hero section), where there is a block of text and an image. The image can aligned to the left, right, or bottom, and this has many additional features to make creating pages easier. The […]

Logo List Functionality

Creates a list of image logos, ideally spaced and responsive. Image Examples Image example Including the File (WordPress) require_once(get_template_directory().”/saphire-blocks/logo-list/logo-list.php”); Using the Function <?php $data[‘Title’] = “Section Title Here”; $data[‘Image’][0][‘Image’] = “image-path.jpg”; $data[‘Image’][0][‘ImageTarget’] = “”; $data[‘Image’][0][‘ImageAltText’] = “Image Alternate Text”; $data[‘Image’][1][‘Image’] = “image-path.jpg”; $data[‘Image’][1][‘ImageTarget’] = “”; $data[‘Image’][1][‘ImageAltText’] = “Image Alternate Text”; Saphire_LogoList($data); ?> Settings $data[‘BackgroundColor’] Adds […]