Vimsio Updates

Vimsio is a project which aims to make managing various personal and client projects easier. It’s a place to store todo lists, keep a schedule, and a place to add notes. It’s a constant work in progress, so this page will act as a bit of a log to track updates and changes.   Nov […]

Seeing All of My Todo Lists in One View

I usually have numerous projects going on, for both myself and my clients. Usually in Ctitch I create a folder for each client, and drop in a todo list, which works well, but each list is somewhat siloed from the various other lists. I recently added the ability to tag posts, so a todo list […]

Ctitch Update: Todo Lists With Colored Backgrounds

I found myself writing in all caps at the beginning of my todo list items, signaling what I can go ahead and work on, what I’m waiting on, and things that I can’t really start yet. Little Notes like ‘ON HOLD’ or ‘GO’. It was working acceptably well, but it seemed like designating these things […]

Ctitch Update: Todo List Item Notes

I have always tried to keep my todo list items fairly short and to the point, but it is helpful at times to keep a longer note that offers more information, direction, or references. While this information is good to have, I don’t always want to clutter up my nice, clean list. I recently added […]

Freelance Project Management Software

The ideas for Ctitch were first formulated while I was working as a freelance web designer. I was looking for something that resembled project management software, but worked the way I wanted it to. Much of the project management software that was out there was made more for large teams working within a corporate structure. […]

Make Your Day Extra Productive

Like most people, I generally feel like I am just trying to do too much. My day is filled with far too many things that I have to do, along with a full list of things that I should do. I don’t have as much time as I would like for the tasks that I […]

Organizing Files for Web Projects

Historically I’ve always organized my website files pretty much based on file type. For example, I would have an images folder, and a folder for javascript files, and a folder for sass/css files (php files generally are organized fairly logically, based on what they do). It seems like this is a normal setup, and this […]