I think half the reason religion exists is so people can have some perceived control when things are in reality, completely out of our control. I get the sentiment of saying "you're in my prayers" -- when we're powerless in a situation, that's about all we can do, but it feels like something, and there is something nice about that.
Faith is probably one of the most dangerous concepts humans have come up with.

Why Atheism?

There are many contributing factors to my atheism, but they have always been a disorganized cloud of thoughts buzzing around my head. I’ve always wanted to take the time to really examine and organize these thoughts. Some are small, some large, but all contributing to this overall view that religion (and Christianity specifically) is completely […]

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Honest Atheist

I stumbled upon a web comic, that I felt needed to be addressed.  I can’t speak for all atheists, but I felt the need to offer my views, which may be helpful for all of those looking to understand us better.  My point-by-point responses are included to the right of each comic window. Since the […]

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