Movies That Offer Entrepreneur Inspiration

There are a lot of results in Google for Inspirational Entrepreneur movies, but they all listed pretty much the same movies.  I’m actually surprised  some of my pics below aren’t on all the lists, but these are the movies (and a couple tv shows), that really inspire me to work harder on achieving my goals. […]

More Time at the Office

I was listening the other night to the Mixergy podcast, where he was talking with Bridget Harris about how they grew their company. At one point, Andrew (I guess I’m ok referencing podcast hosts by their first name), brought up the age-old saying that basically says something like: “On your deathbed, are you going to […]

Two Directions

It seems like there are two directions an entrepeneur can take. One direction is to research a good market to enter, find a need, build a project, and hopefully make some money. The other direction is to just create a product that meets one of your needs, with the assumption that there are others out […]

Is Failing Fast the Best Option?

There is a concept out there, which I think I agree with, that says to fail fast, and fail often. Basically try ideas out quickly, and if it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out, then move onto the next thing. It sounds good, but I wonder how many good ideas could have been […]

Growing Slowly

 I was reading last night on Matt Haughley’s blog, on the advantages of growing slowly. When so much news is given to the huge payoffs that a small number of startups get, and the big news surrounding facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc.., it’s difficult to appreciate that these stories are extremely rare. What’s far more common […]

Not Enough Time To Become Time Independent

It would seem that the biggest detriment to becoming financially secure and independent is not having time to pursue it. Most people live their lives by selling off portions of their existence to others, generally for an hourly rate or salary. You work a certain number of hours and your employer (or your clients if […]