Food things to look into: 1. smørrebrød - 2. Need to put more things into corn tortillas. Of course meat, but what about some type of spiced/marinated chickpeas, sweet potato, charred caulflour. 3. Also think it would be a good plan to try some new dish every week, or every other week. I need some new things in the rotation.
Moved my lifting days to Fri, Sun, and Tues. I'm really liking the Sunday lift -- I do a few more lifts, and take it a little slower. During the weekdays I feel quite a bit more rushed. Today as I'm working out, it's pretty nice -- lifting more, but it feels more relaxed.
Continuing to play with my lifting and calorie consumption schedule. I've mainly been cutting for the past month-and-a-half, but I'm always intrigued by different schedules that could potentially end with gained muscle mass and reduced fat. Everything I read online mostly discourages attempting this in favor of normal bulking/cutting cycles. I'm ok if it turns out that everyone is right, but I like experimenting and seeing data, so I think in that spirit, I'm going to try the following schedule. The high calorie days are in caloric suprlus. The low calorie days are in a fairly substantial caloric defecit. On all days I will aim for as much protein as possible.: Mon - Rest (High Calorie Day) Tue - Lift (High Calorie Day) Wed - Rest (Low Calorie Day) Thu - Rest (Low Calorie Day) Fri - Lift (High Calorie Day) Sat - Rest (High Calorie Day) Sun - Lift (High Calorie Day) I like this schedule for a couple of reasons: 1. I can eat more calories on the weekend, which is always nice 2. I only have two lifts during the work week, which gives me more time to get my work done. Potential needed modifications: 1. I could see adding in another low calorie day. I think Monday would be a good day for that, since it's a rest day, and I only have one lifting day after that until the two low calorie days. 2. I could theoretically add in more lifts by lifting on Saturdays and Mondays. Disadvantages: 1. The Sunday lift could potentially get in the way of weekend activities. We often times like to get out on weekends. All in all over the next few months, due to other things going on, we probably won't be going on too many full-weekend adventures, so it's mostly safe, and I'm ok dropping that lift occasionally, especially if it's for some adventure where I'm getting a workout of some kind.
Cutting phase -- strategies to lose as little muscle as possible: - Fat loss phase should not exceed 16-20 weeks, or a total weight loss of 10% of starting weight. - Aim to lose 0.5 to 1.0 of total body weight per week - Keep to the 1gram of protein per pound of body weight. source