Join Two Nodes That Sit On Top of Eachother in Inkscape

Joining two line segments in inkscape is generally pretty easy — at least if the two nodes to join are situated closely together so you can easily click on both and use the “join selected nodes” tool. But most of the time I want the nodes to sit right on top of eachother. How do […]

Setting the Default Fill and Strok Style in Inkscape

For the longest time, I would just adjust the fill and stroke styles after drawing something with the pen tool, which certainly wasn\’t ideal. Sometimes I couldn\’t see the effect that I was going for, so I would change the styles right after drawing each shape. How moronic — especially since it\’s super easy to […]

Creating Radial Arrays in Inkscape

Radial Array in Inkscape: 1. Create a Shape 2. Click on the shape, and then click on it again to bring up the ‘rotational handles’ 3. Drag the + sign, currently in the middle of the shape to the center point of the circle that you would like to rotate the shape around. 4. Go […]