Blender: Keep Material Image from Stretching

I found it odd that the default behavior for a material that uses an image in blender stretches, instead of tiles. So for instance, if I have two cubes with one of them twice as large as the other, and I apply a material which uses an image of bricks, the larger block will have […]

To Do List with Time Estimates

Each day I build out a todo list for that day’s work, which helps me clarify what I need to get done, what I can put off, and what items I need to prioritize over other items. As I build these lists, it has become apparent that including some sort of time estimation would be […]

Find People to Follow on Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter for a few years, but it’s been an “off-and-on” relationship. I’ll jump in every so often, leave a few posts, and then lose interest, especially after scrolling through masses of mindless content. While I of course have a Twitter account worthy of following, finding others like me has always been a […]

A Drizzly Ride

Due to all of the Covid stuff, it’s been a long time since I’ve been out on my bike. On Saturday, I decided it was an ok time to get out, and I wasn’t going to let a little drizzle get in my way. Posted a few more pics on my adventure zindrop.

To Do List With Notes

I’ve always been big on both note taking and creating lists for myself. I’ve never found a good web app that actually did a good job of combining these things. I wanted a to do list with notes, that featured robust list-making abilities, but also with pretty good note-taking ability. I didn’t just want notes […]

Grocery Ordering Software for Small Grocery Stores

Covid-19 has taken over the world, shutting down restaurants, bars, and any other businesses deemed not necessary for essential functions. Grocery stores are remaining open, but at a very high potential risk for store customers and employees. In some ways that risk is unnacceptable and I’ve been surprised that more hasn’t been done to address […]

Getting Past Things

I’ve spent today in bed. There are some streams of light filtering through the window, I can hear the palm fronds clashing against one another and the sounds of birds enjoying the sun and warmth. It’s honestly kind of blissful and relaxing. While I could have been enjoying this all day, for much of it […]

Vimsio Documentation

Vimsio Overview Vimsio is a powerful tool that lets you create various post types (like lists or notes), and organize them however you want. For instance, if you’re an architect working on a house design, you may have a todo list that contains various tasks you need to complete for a project, along with various […]

Carrizo Badlands Loop

It’s been a while, and I’ve been itching to play in the desert. It’s hard to balance being a parent, a desire to sit on my rear and do nothing, and the always-burning drive to do little (or big) adventures. This day was a good mix of all — I slept in a bit, made […]

Vimsio Updates

Vimsio is a project which aims to make managing various personal and client projects easier. It’s a place to store todo lists, keep a schedule, and a place to add notes. It’s a constant work in progress, so this page will act as a bit of a log to track updates and changes.   Nov […]