Find People to Follow on Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter for a few years, but it’s been an “off-and-on” relationship. I’ll jump in every so often, leave a few posts, and then lose interest, especially after scrolling through masses of mindless content. While I of course have a Twitter account worthy of following, finding others like me has always been a […]

A Drizzly Ride

Due to all of the Covid stuff, it’s been a long time since I’ve been out on my bike. On Saturday, I decided it was an ok time to get out, and I wasn’t going to let a little drizzle get in my way. Posted a few more pics on my adventure zindrop.

Grocery Ordering Software for Small Grocery Stores

Covid-19 has taken over the world, shutting down restaurants, bars, and any other businesses deemed not necessary for essential functions. Grocery stores are remaining open, but at a very high potential risk for store customers and employees. In some ways that risk is unnacceptable and I’ve been surprised that more hasn’t been done to address […]

Getting Past Things

I’ve spent today in bed. There are some streams of light filtering through the window, I can hear the palm fronds clashing against one another and the sounds of birds enjoying the sun and warmth. It’s honestly kind of blissful and relaxing. While I could have been enjoying this all day, for much of it […]

Carrizo Badlands Loop

It’s been a while, and I’ve been itching to play in the desert. It’s hard to balance being a parent, a desire to sit on my rear and do nothing, and the always-burning drive to do little (or big) adventures. This day was a good mix of all — I slept in a bit, made […]

Vimsio Updates

Vimsio is a project which aims to make managing various personal and client projects easier. It’s a place to store todo lists, keep a schedule, and a place to add notes. It’s a constant work in progress, so this page will act as a bit of a log to track updates and changes.   Nov […]

Taking Breaks Throughout the Day

It’s summer, which kind of wreaks havoc with my normal schedule. The kid is out of school, and while my wife mostly takes on the role of teacher and entertainer for the summer, she does need some time to work as well. I’ve started taking a longer break in the mid-morning from around 10am until […]

The Dangers of the Patio

It started innocently enough. An outdoor dining table here, an outdoor couch there, and pretty soon you have a complete living space open to the air and ready for long evening dinners and lounging. Over the years, we’ve added a nice patio (and have expanded it several times), brought in a chimnea for evening fires, […]

Overland Stage Route and Canyon sin Nombre

Today’s exploration opened up quite a bit of new, very interesting territory for me. I can easily keep myself busy in this…

Importing Large MySQL Files into PHPMyAdmin

The default file size for uploading mysql dump files into PHPmyadmin is around 2mb. I needed to upload a 160mb file. How to do it? 1. Increase the maximum execution time for phpmyadmin: I use xampp, so I just had to find the config.default.php file, which for me was located in xampp/phpMyAdmin/libraries/config.default.php. I then searched […]