Communicating Website Design to Developers

Every so often when working with developers or other designers, the topic of how best to communicate designs to developers arises.  Bloated Apps, Pixel Perfection, and Wasted Time Where we’ve gone recently as an industry is to develop overly-featured products, like Craft, Figma, and Adobe Experience Designer to try and give designers various tools to […]

Designers Should Just Learn to Code

There is an ever-increasing number of web prototyping tools out there. From Adobe XD, to Invision, to Figma. And the number of apps within this niche seems to grow daily. Every posting for a potential project seems to list a need for knowing one, or a couple of these, so I, along with thousands of […]

Why Do Stock Photo Companies Suck?

I have a growing distaste for stock photo companies. I remember trying to cancel my monthly subscription with — which took two tries and a call to their support. When canceling, they have three different prompts to ask if you’re sure, and apparently on one of those three screens, I clicked that I wasn’t, […]

Inserting a PSD into another PSD File

For the longest time I’ve been waiting for the ability to insert a Photoshop file into another Photoshop file. I think the capability has actually been around for quite some time, but up until recently I was using an older version of Photoshop, mainly out of protest of the subscription fee business plan that Adobe […]

Data: The End of Web Design as an Art

I tested the color of a button on my company’s website to see if changing its color would change the amount of signups that this particular website received. It did. This leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable as a designer. The issue is that I liked the color of the under-performing button better. I could […]

Random Video Backgrounds

I don’t know how early Paypal adopted the video-as-banner-background trend in comparision with other websites. It was one of the earliest places that I personally saw this design pattern appear. I have mixed feelings on using videos in that fashion. Perhaps Paypal does as well. Today when logging into Paypal I noticed that their video […]

Do Bounce and Conversion Rates Matter?

I attended an interesting usability lecture/meetup today, with a talk by Jared Spool. I enjoyed the talk — it definitely got me thinking, but I disagreed with more than a few points. Overall, I gathered that the takeaway from the discussion was to emphasize that you need to focus on the things that matter, and […]

Can We Please Stop This Infinite Scroll Madness

Several years ago, a trend started to rise.  I believe it was perpetrated by Pinterest, but perhaps it doesn’t matter who started it.  What’s important is that it must stop. This trend is the infinite scroll. You know the feature — your looking at a list or a collection of tiles, and when you scroll […]