A Web Design Aesthetic Philosophy

Over my twenty-plus years in the world of web design, my style and skills have evolved. However, as my aesthetic has changed, I always rely on a set of foundational principles that…

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What is the Bit of Text Above a Title Called?

I often times place a little bit of text above headings, but I’ve never actually known what they are called. I’ve always just used the word “pretitle” whenever I refer to them, but today I decided to actually look up the real name for this element — they’re called “straplines”.

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Questions I Ask When Beginning a Website Project

When beginning a website project, it’s essential to learn as much as I can about the business, their goals, and their clientele.

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Wait, there isn't a way to make a backup of a Squarespace site?

Matching the iFrame to the Height of the Content – Cross Domain

I found lots of solutions that didn’t work, and many more that didn’t apply to the situation that most are looking to solve — where you have an iFrame containing content from a different URL that you don’t have control over. The solution that I stumbled upon requires both PHP and javascript. Basically the idea […]

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A Few Notes on Vimdiff

Honestly, the vimdiff window looks like a mess, even editing there is hard. But you can make your changes in the bottom window (I think using a backspace didn’t work but you can hit the delete button). Saving the vimdiff changes you made, enter: “:wqa”   (I guess there is actually a command prompt at the bottom […]

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Every page should have a mission.

Google Optimize Track Button Click

Step 1: Google Tag Manager A. Create a New Trigger Give a name, set it up with ‘Just Links’ Click on ‘Some Link Clicks’ Use Click Classes if you’re looking to track a button specified by a class, use Click ID if you’ve given it an ID I’ve found things usually work better if we’ve […]

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My only major complaint about Affinity Designer is that it's not more widely used. Such a wonderful program for web design and illustration.
Some days I really hate git.