Find People to Follow on Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter for a few years, but it’s been an “off-and-on” relationship. I’ll jump in every so often, leave a few posts, and then lose interest, especially after scrolling through masses of mindless content. While I of course have a Twitter account worthy of following, finding others like me has always been a […]

Vimsio Updates

Vimsio is a project which aims to make managing various personal and client projects easier. It’s a place to store todo lists, keep a schedule, and a place to add notes. It’s a constant work in progress, so this page will act as a bit of a log to track updates and changes.   Nov […]

My Zindrop Collections

Zindrop has been a little side project for a while. It’s basically a place to drop random thoughts, web bookmarks, and photos into one place, and organize it all by tags. I recently added the ability to make certain collections (posts grouped by tags) public, so anyone browsing could see those things. I like this […]

A Better Microblogging Site – Thoughts, Images, and Bookmarks

I have always wanted a place to collect things, whether they were random thoughts that popped into my head, or interesting websites and articles that I found online. I’ve also wanted a place to post things publicly, that didn’t quite fit with my blog — maybe they were just little incomplete thoughts, or outside one […]

Seeing All of My Todo Lists in One View

I usually have numerous projects going on, for both myself and my clients. Usually in Vimsio I create a folder for each client, and drop in a todo list, which works well, but each list is somewhat siloed from the various other lists. I recently added the ability to tag posts, so a todo list […]

Vimsio Update: Todo List Item Notes

I have always tried to keep my todo list items fairly short and to the point, but it is helpful at times to keep a longer note that offers more information, direction, or references. While this information is good to have, I don’t always want to clutter up my nice, clean list. I recently added […]

How Do I View My Posts By Hashtag on Twitter?

I post a fair bit to Twitter, and I’m always wanting to go back and easily find an article I shared or a thought that I quickly tweeted. I’ve always thought that it would be extremely useful if I could just view all of my tweets based on whatever hashtags I would like to see. […]


Vimsio has been a long-running personal project of mine that has really become the management system for my personal life and for my various freelance and personal projects. Since I started the project several years ago, I always knew that it was going to suffer from being too broad of a product and that it […]

An RSS Reader With Filters

I’ve been using my RSS Aggregator for several years to follow websites that interest me, but I’ve also used it to find new projects and work opportunities by having it automatically search and compile job postings from craigslist and other job boards. In both of these cases, but especially the latter, there can be quite […]

Freelance Project Management Software

The ideas for Vimsio were first formulated while I was working as a freelance web designer. I was looking for something that resembled project management software, but worked the way I wanted it to. Much of the project management software that was out there was made more for large teams working within a corporate structure. […]