Desktop App Development with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a Database

I’m more and more interested in creating locally-run, desktop apps, but I want to use all of the knowledge I’ve built up over the years with web development to do it.   It looks like Electron is the way to do it. They don’t mention database support, but it sounds like there are ways to connect SQLite […]

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I always want new doesn't have to be new. Perhaps I should just make something that pulls random reddit posts on a topic with each refresh of the page.   If I ever get around to building some sort of a web database, I could use that, but for now using the Reddit API would probably be good enough.
I really just want to create a tool that discovers good content for me to view. From the creator's point of view, I would love to not have to "promote" my content for it to be found, but for the tool to just discover good stuff on it's own. It's not about the most popular or most shared content, just good stuff that I know exists but never gets found.