Importing Large MySQL Files into PHPMyAdmin

The default file size for uploading mysql dump files into PHPmyadmin is around 2mb. I needed to upload a 160mb file. How to do it? 1. Increase the maximum execution time for phpmyadmin: I use xampp, so I just had to find the config.default.php file, which for me was located in xampp/phpMyAdmin/libraries/config.default.php. I then searched […]

PHP JSON Returned As Object Instead of Array

I was returning, what I thought was an array from PHP, but it kept returning it as a json object, so I had something like: $listItem[0][0] = “Jan 1”; $listItem[0][1] = 100; $listItem[1][0] = “Jan 2”; $listItem[1][1] = 120; $listItem[2][0] = “Jan 2”; $listItem[2][1] = 120; …etc… This would return in javascript those an array, […]

My Backend is Better than Yours

For some reason I found myself in a subreddit where someone started the familiar post on why their backend programming language was better than PHP. I see this come up quite a bit with regards to PHP, I even remember responding to someone’s blog post several years ago where they were complaining about PHP — […]