Getting Past Things

I’ve spent today in bed. There are some streams of light filtering through the window, I can hear the palm fronds clashing against one another and the sounds of birds enjoying the sun and warmth. It’s honestly kind of blissful and relaxing. While I could have been enjoying this all day, for much of it […]

Night Runs

I’m constantly rearranging the schedule. It’s an effort to squeeze more time out of the day; a futile effort to extract an extra three or four hours that I seem to always need, but which of course is never actually there. Regardless, I try things. I stay up late, wake early, wake up in the […]

Ignore Things

The ability to not become stressed out probably depends on your ability to ignore things. I had a nice morning coding some designs that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I was able to focus on the task, methodically working through the project, and I made quite a bit of progress. Meanwhile, […]

More Energy and Less Stress: Back to Biphasic Sleeping

Every eight to twelve months I start thinking about biphasic sleeping. For those unaware, biphasic sleeping is basically going from one main sleep period, to two. There are many advantages to going biphasic, which is why I keep returning to it. There are of course several disadvantages to it, which is why I usually go […]

Thoughts on the Pomodoro Technique and Perhaps a Better Way

I’ve used the Pomodoro Technique on-and-off for probably about a year. There are definitely aspects that I like about it, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the right answer to my productivity issues. For those unfamiliar, basically the Pomodoro Technique is working for 25 minutes on a task, then taking […]

Using An RSS Reader to Find Me Freelance and Contract Jobs

Since this is my second time being a freelance/contract worker, it’s my goal to eliminate, or at least reduce the impacts of the feast-famine cycle that seems to be pretty common in this world of being your own boss (or perhaps more accurately, the manager of multiple bosses). One strategy is to just always be […]

Productivity and Nature

It should come as no shock that as a society we are spending more and more time glued to our computer screens and mobile devices. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are more productive. In fact, it has been documented that one of the largest reasons for declines in personal productivity, despite advances in […]

Keeping a Journal to be More Grateful, Creative, and Fulfilled

One of the most engaging and incredible journals-turned-book, is Ernest Shackleton’s South! It his account of his failed attempt at crossing the Antarctic continent by foot, resulting in a nearly a two-year-long fight for survival when their ship gets stuck in the ice. Journaling and its many forms have a long history in our culture. […]