A Better Way to Blog in WordPress

By Forrest Smith - Drempd.com

I’ve been wanting to make my blog a litle more robust — almost just a dumping ground of random thoughts and notes, along with the occassional longer posts. I’ve found that the way of adding posts into wordpress was just far to cumbersome to make that a reality. I wanted something fluid, that I could update in small doses throughout the day, and something where I could just look over other things I’ve written over the past several days (or longer) and make small edits and updates without having to open wordpress, find the post, make the edit, etc..

So I started just writing everything into a text file. It’s super simple, I just have a single file for all of my posts, and I can just easily write, add tags, titles, the date, and anything other meta things I need for each post. I scroll down to see older posts, ocassionally reading through older stuff, modifying or updating as needed.   I now just keep the text file open during the day and add stuff as needed. This file gets uploaded daily, parsed out with a PHP script I wrote, and each post is updated on the site.

The system is working beautifully so far. Currently I’m resisting the urge to step up my system by writing a small little web app to take the place of the text file.   I like the simplicity of the text file, but I could make a few things easier still by creating my own little app for this, and I would love to have some spell/grammar check. Maybe someday I’ll work on that. For now though, the text file is working just fine, and I’m loving it.