By Forrest Smith -

Thursdays. I keep thinking about Thursdays. And weekends. Thursdays and weekends.   

I’ve been curious about blurring the lines between the weekend and the weekdays, but I haven’t been able to really pull anything off. I don’t know if I will this time either, but I keep thinking that Thursdays would be a good day to shorten and take on a more leisurely vibe.   If I could make up a few hours Monday through Wednesday, I could potentially start may day a bit later, and end it a bit sooner.   I could spend that time with the little one, or, especially during the summer when the days are longer, getting out on a ride or a trail run somewhere. Pull some adventure into the middle of the week.

The other great thing about reserving Thursdays as a sort of a more-liesurely day, is that I think it could change the whole feel of the week. Fridays are great of course for obvious reasons, and this would make Thursdays through Sunday kind of an extended block of goodness.   Of course, the downside is that Monday through Wednesdays are kind of longer slogs, with longer workdays to get in those extra hours, but maybe the tradeoff is worth it.