Importing Large MySQL Files into PHPMyAdmin

The default file size for uploading mysql dump files into PHPmyadmin is around 2mb. I needed to upload a 160mb file. How to do it? 1. Increase the maximum execution time for phpmyadmin: I use xampp, so I just had to find the config.default.php file, which for me was located in xampp/phpMyAdmin/libraries/config.default.php. I then searched […]

Communicating Website Design to Developers

Every so often when working with developers or other designers, the topic of how best to communicate designs to developers arises.  Bloated Apps, Pixel Perfection, and Wasted Time Where we’ve gone recently as an industry is to develop overly-featured products, like Craft, Figma, and Adobe Experience Designer to try and give designers various tools to […]

Flatten a WordPress Website to HTML and CSS

I recently inherited a whole bunch of wordpress websites for one of my clients — in fact I think one of the first times it dawned on me that I would have to start working with these sites is when one of them got hacked and I got the call to see what I could […]

Designers Should Just Learn to Code

There is an ever-increasing number of web prototyping tools out there. From Adobe XD, to Invision, to Figma. And the number of apps within this niche seems to grow daily. Every posting for a potential project seems to list a need for knowing one, or a couple of these, so I, along with thousands of […]

Adding PDF Files to Shopify Pages

I’ve had to add pdf files to pages within the shopify platform several times now, and I always seem to forget how to do it. I generally don’t have a problem uploading them (if I’m going through the edit template area), but I can never figure out how to get the URL for the PDF […]

On-Page SEO Checklist

Content is of high quality, aim for main content to be at least 500 words Keywords included in page title (meta title tag) Keywords located in page url Keywords included in page headline (h1 tag) Keywords included in at least one h2 tag Keywords repeated 3-6 times within the body text All images have alt […]

An Easy Android App GET and POST Content From URL Example

** This post is a work in progress **  It took me a while (much longer than it should have) to be able to start playing around with getting and posting data to a url. I think part of the problem was that many of the tutorials out there try to add unecessary complication — […]

Reference a Variable Outside of a Handlebars Each Loop

Once within an Handlebars each loop, you can no longer just reference a variable that is outside the loop.  In the example below, the first ‘ParentVariable’ will render correctly, but the one within the “each” loop won’t.  {{ParentVariable}} {{#each Users}} {{ParentVariable}} {{/each}} To use the variable within the “each” block, you’ll need to add a […]

Simple Sticky Element

The Action: The user scrolls down the page and once the scrolling reaches the top of an element of my choosing, that element sticks to the top of the window, so it’s always visible from that point on. Directions: 1. Include the “sticky element” code. 2. Add a div with the class of “element-sticky”, and […]

Chrome displays a different height than what Chrome says the height should be.

This took me quite a while to track down, which is unfortunate since I know I’ve ran into this several times.  Basically I was changing the height of an element, but no matter where I specified the height, it wasn’t displaying what I was putting in — even if I stuck a style attribute right […]