Filter Myself from Analytics Without Using My IP Address

By Forrest Smith -

This should filter out yourself — you’ll need to visit the link in step 9 to start, but it looks like it sets a cookie, so after visiting you should just be able to go to your normal url and still not be counted. Of course if you clear your cookies, you’ll need to visit that url again. I noticed that it did take an hour or two for this to begin working for some reason, and I think that I’ve noticed that I am still occasionally counted in the ‘realtime’ tracking in Analytics, but those hits don’t actually get tracked anywhere else — not sure why.

1. Go to Admin > View > Filters, click on the ‘Add Filter’ button

2. Check the radio button to ‘Create New Filter’

3. Give it a name for the ‘Filter Name’ field.

4. For Filter Type, click on Custom

5. Select the radio button for ‘Exclude’

6. For the ‘Filter Field’ field, select ‘Campaign Medium’

7. For the pattern, type ‘exclude’

8. Save the new filter

9. In your browser, go to: