On-Page SEO Checklist

By Forrest Smith - Drempd.com
  • Content is of high quality, aim for main content to be at least 500 words
  • Keywords included in page title (meta title tag)
  • Keywords located in page url
  • Keywords included in page headline (h1 tag)
  • Keywords included in at least one h2 tag
  • Keywords repeated 3-6 times within the body text
  • All images have alt tags that include relevant keywords
  • Meta description — doesn’t really factor in search engine ranking, but is needed to entice people to click the link in search engines.
  • If optimizing for a location, include those as keywords
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Link to other relevant pages on your site if they’re relevant (but not too much)
  • Ensure that the page is responsive and works on mobile devices
  • Ensure you aren’t errantly serving duplicate content (same page, different urls, https vs http, etc…)
  • Check the page loading speed and optimize as needed
  • Merge all js and css files into one to reduce loading times
  • Create structured data for the page (schema.org and https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/intro-structured-data, more info: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/get-started-using-schema/)
  • Ensure the page gets added to the XML site map
  • Run the page through w3c validator