Standard Price Mixin SASS

The Mixin Mostly automatically formats a price in the design shown, with the dollar sign raised and the cents is stacked above the “/mo”. There are parameters to adjust the some of the placement of elements. Why Was This Created? This format for pricing appears quite often, so I might as well make a reusable […]

SASS – Something Went Wrong Reaching

Tearing my hair out, trying to figure out what’s wrong with my SASS files.  I keep get a “something went wrong reaching…”, with a long filename of sass files, none of which is helpful.  My guess is you’re probably using Visual Studio, and using Web Essentials to compile your SASS.  To solve this (at least […]

SASS Quick Guide

Include a mixin (in this case, a mixin with the name of testmixin): .sample-class{     border: 1px solid red;     @include testmixin(); }

Setting up SASS with Ruby and Compass on Your Computer

I don’t know if I just didn’t do enough digging, but the process for setting up SASS using Ruby took several sources online and some trial and error to really get things running. I did attempt to go with the simple method of just using one of the precompiling apps (prepros), but it seems like […]

A SASS Stylesheet For Great Forms

Forms have always a bit of a pain in the ass to get formatted correctly. One of my largest pet peeves has been making sure that the text given on the label lines up with the text within a textbox. Since padding, margins, font size, and line-heights all play a role in this, any time […]