Taking Breaks Throughout the Day

It’s summer, which kind of wreaks havoc with my normal schedule. The kid is out of school, and while my wife mostly takes on the role of teacher and entertainer for the summer, she does need some time to work as well. I’ve started taking a longer break in the mid-morning from around 10am until […]

Ignore Things

The ability to not become stressed out probably depends on your ability to ignore things. I had a nice morning coding some designs that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I was able to focus on the task, methodically working through the project, and I made quite a bit of progress. Meanwhile, […]

More Energy and Less Stress: Back to Biphasic Sleeping

Every eight to twelve months I start thinking about biphasic sleeping. For those unaware, biphasic sleeping is basically going from one main sleep period, to two. There are many advantages to going biphasic, which is why I keep returning to it. There are of course several disadvantages to it, which is why I usually go […]

Thoughts on the Pomodoro Technique and Perhaps a Better Way

I’ve used the Pomodoro Technique on-and-off for probably about a year. There are definitely aspects that I like about it, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not the right answer to my productivity issues. For those unfamiliar, basically the Pomodoro Technique is working for 25 minutes on a task, then taking […]

Make Your Day Extra Productive

Like most people, I generally feel like I am just trying to do too much. My day is filled with far too many things that I have to do, along with a full list of things that I should do. I don’t have as much time as I would like for the tasks that I […]

Productivity and Nature

It should come as no shock that as a society we are spending more and more time glued to our computer screens and mobile devices. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are more productive. In fact, it has been documented that one of the largest reasons for declines in personal productivity, despite advances in […]

Keeping a Journal to be More Grateful, Creative, and Fulfilled

One of the most engaging and incredible journals-turned-book, is Ernest Shackleton’s South! It his account of his failed attempt at crossing the Antarctic continent by foot, resulting in a nearly a two-year-long fight for survival when their ship gets stuck in the ice. Journaling and its many forms have a long history in our culture. […]

The best, most efficient way of navigating between windows

I\’ve been trying to get faster and more efficient while doing my daily work. I used to rely on just using the mouse to navigate between programs — obviously not the best way of doing it. I then moved onto alt+tab. This works pretty well when switching between two programs, but add in three, four […]