A Better Location for a Portland Public Market

There was sad news recently that the James Beard Public Market abandoned their plans for a downtown location, which was to be placed at the west end of the Morrison Bridge.  Currently, the market’s board of directors are working with OMSI to locate the market on the east side of the river, near the soon-to-be-developed […]

Hey San Diego: Utilize Your Waterfront Better!

San Diego has some of the best weather in the entire US, and being right on the coast, and a downtown that is adjacent to water, it has tremendous assets that other cities just can’t match.  It’s interesting that until recently, downtown San Diego has done a pretty incredible job of cutting itself off from […]

Remove I-5 From Portland’s Waterfront

Portland is a beautiful city. From the enormous Forest Park, to it’s views of Mt. Hood and the Cascades, it is a city that is connected to it’s surroundings and to nature. In such a city, it is hard to fathom that it perhaps it’s greatest asset, it’s river, is inaccessible from it’s eastern shore. […]