My Zindrop Collections

Zindrop has been a little side project for a while. It’s basically a place to drop random thoughts, web bookmarks, and photos into one place, and organize it all by tags. I recently added the ability to make certain collections (posts grouped by tags) public, so anyone browsing could see those things. I like this […]

A Better Personal Microblogging Platform

I have always wanted a place to collect things, whether they were random thoughts that popped into my head, or interesting websites and articles that I found online. I’ve also wanted a place to post things publicly, that didn’t quite fit with my blog — maybe they were just little incomplete thoughts, or outside one […]

How Do I View My Posts By Hashtag on Twitter?

I post a fair bit to Twitter, and I’m always wanting to go back and easily find an article I shared or a thought that I quickly tweeted. I’ve always thought that it would be extremely useful if I could just view all of my tweets based on whatever hashtags I would like to see. […]

Is Zindrop a Springpad Alternative

There once was a beloved productivity tool by the name of Springpad that allowed its users to save notes, bookmarks, quotes, lists, and other data types. It was a pretty ingenious idea, and pretty similar to what I have been working on with Zindrop, which allows you to save and organize notes, bookmarks, lists, and […]

Organizing Projects with Ctitch

The development of Ctitch started while I was a freelance web designer, juggling multiple projects and trying to stay productive. Working on many projects at once was one of the things I loved about freelancing, but it was burden to keep all of the plates spinning. I wanted a tool that would allow me to […]