Adventure Websites

I never seem to be as active as I desire to be, so I have to supplement my trips with the adventures of others. Here are a few great websites and blogs I follow.

Sidetracked Magazine

A magazine devoted to all types of adventure across the world. Beautiful photography and magazine. Most of the content is also online.

Adventure Journal

Another magazine with adventure and thought-provoking articles.

The Mountains are Calling

Oregon-based writer with adventures mostly in northeast Oregon, but occassionally elsewhere.

Jill Outside

Nice blog with various biking and running adventures, including some epic Alaskan adventures.

Carrot Quinn

Discovered this blog while missing my time on the PCT. Some fantastic (and quite raw at times) writing, but includes various adventures mostly related to thru-hiking.

Bedrock and Paradox

Well written and thoughtful blog. Adventures include packrafting, backpacking, skiing.

More to come…