Pear Lake

By Forrest Smith -

It rained.  Our goal was to do an out and back to Pear Lake — a short nine mile or so trip.  We made it out four miles the first day before we decided to set up the tent.  We relaxed in the tent, had coffee, read.  It was nice.  We went to bed planning on just hiking back out in the rain.

We woke up the next morning.   I would love to say that it was brilliant blue skies, but it wasn’t.  It was however just overcast…and the clouds looked like they would hold off any precipitation for a little while, so we packed up our backpacks, and continued onto Pear Lake.  We would backpack to Pear Lake, even if we would just turn around once we got there and head back to the car.

Since moving to Southern California several years ago, I dream of lush green trails like this.

We timed our hike perfectly for plenty of trail grazing.

Fortune Ponds

The small pass between Fortune Ponds and Pear Lake

Pear Lake

I’m rockin this hat

Fortune Ponds..again.  We stopped for maybe 20 minutes here on the way back, as small drops began to fall from the sky.  We picked a small ziplock bag full of blueberries, which we turned into blueberry coffee cake the next day.  It drizzeld a few times on the way out, but nothing too bad and we ended our backpack dry.