In Need of a Hike

By Forrest Smith -

Generally when it’s a bit drizzly in San Diego, I want to hang out at home. Those rainy days are a rare treat and I feel like I missed a bit of an opportunity if I don’t just utilize the rare precipitory event to make some coffee, sit inside with a blanket, and watch it rain out the window.

But it’s been a long time since I’ve been out.

It’s been even longer since I got out and hiked. Most of my outdoor adventure over the past year has been on two wheels, but there is always something nice about slowing down and just walking. Hiking is what originally got me out into the wilderness, and I still just love the movement of slowly (or sometimes quickly) walking over the surface of the earth.

So, I drove out of the drizzly San Diego morning, up into the hills, even rising above the clouds and hitting blue sky for a bit, before reaching my trail, where the mist from the valleys below whipped through the low spots along the ridge and evaporated into the desert below.

Much of my hike was walking in the clouds, which suited me just fine. The mist working it’s way through the trees was mildly magical.

Mt. Laguna Clouds
Clouds on Mt. Laguna
Mt. Laguna Trees
Mt. Laguna Trees
May Wildflowers