Just my normal ride outside of Ramona. I did well with the hill climb, and the weather was perfect--mid 70s. Got to one of my stopping points that I like to visit, ate a quick lunch, walked around a little and enjoyed the quiet before climbing back on my bike and busting back down the hill. I was back home in time for a nice afternoon with my loved ones, and for pizza!
...So, kind of just impulse-bought a roof-top-tent. We'll see how this works out.
Today we walked downtown, played at the park, ate lunch. But I was wearing my nice backpack that usually accompanies me on my adventures that last a day or less, and just wearing my pack made me feel like this was a bit of an adventure. Actually got me thinking that I should do some more urban trekking -- pack for a full day and bring whatever we need to explore more of our city and provide for some lounging and play while we're out.
These super-warm mornings for some reason really get my adventure bug going. Perhaps just memories of waking up early and getting off on an adventure on warm summer mornings like this one.
Someday I will own a piece of property where I'll be able to fully appreciate the Golden Hour.
I really want to do the PCT between Redding and Ashland again. I remember some very beautiful places, but I'm also beginning to forget some of that stretch. Looking it over on topos looks really intersesting. I need to explore that area more.
I'm dreaming of teardrop trailers and random places I would like to explore.   Those places that are too far off my normal travel lanes to explore currently, but with some slow meandering around the west become good targets.
I keep thinking of fall in the northwest. Hiking around lakes, just below treeline. Blueberries and red leaves. Clouds and mist swirling in the trees. Reflections of the landscape within an infinite number of water drops hanging onto fir needles.

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