A Run and Sunset Dinner

We left at 5:00.  We had originally planned on heading up to Mt. Laguna to do a run earlier that morning, but we were worried that it would be too warm for the little man in his stroller, so we decided to push the run back to the evening.  To make the most of the […]

Running to Liberty Station

Jeannie proposed a run to Liberty Station, a park area and collection of various shops and restaurants.  It’s about five miles from our home, but since Jeannie has been working towards a half-marathon, we extended it a bit more and attempted a route that is closer to 10 miles.  The idea was to run all […]

My Big Sis Kicked My Ass

Yesterday I had an epic run. I missed last week’s 8.5 mile after work run, so it was good to get out on a sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest and run through some trees. It was a nice gradual climb and the road, which zig-zagged up the hillside kept pulling me further, enticing […]

Biking and Running Tecolote Canyon

I need adventure.  I haven’t been able to do any large adventures recently, so for now, small, one-day explorations will have to do.  These aren’t necessarily always about exploring new stuff, but more like exploring new ways of doing the familiar. Today’s little exploration was to run Tecolote Canyon.  I’ve done this run several times […]