Running to Liberty Station

Jeannie proposed a run to Liberty Station, a park area and collection of various shops and restaurants.  It’s about five miles from our home, but since Jeannie has been working towards a half-marathon, we extended it a bit more and attempted a route that is closer to 10 miles.  The idea was to run all the way there, and then leisurely walk back home, stopping to play and enjoy the day along the way back. 

At the end of the day, we ended up running 9.5 miles, since we kind of hit our destination, and we had a nice 5.5 mile walk back home, with stops at playgrounds, water parks, and coffee shops along the way.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday.

We started our run by running alongside Balboa Park.  The original plan was to run within the park, but we were worried that running next to several Mason-approved play areas may end our trip prematurely.   So we stayed close to the park, but far enough away to keep everyone’s eyes on the main goal.

We then ran right through downtown to the waterfront, past people leisurely eating their Sunday breakfasts.

Once at Liberty Station, there was ample time for some of Mason’s favorite activities — watching planes, and hopping on mom.

Our final stop before making it all the way back home.