Another Bay Bike Loop

We did another bike ride today -- this time for 17 miles. We circled down the east side of Mission Bay, then connected to Friars road, which we actually rode out for a little ways, almost all the way to the mall. We were hoping to find some path along the San Diego River, but after a little while, we decided to give up, turn around, and head off to Jamba Juice as a consolation prize. Mason enjoyed the stop -- actually I guess we all did. We found a nice patio to sit on, while we sucked down the fruity goodness. I gave myself three cold-headaches. Three!


After the Jamba stop, we rode up to the garden store to pick up a few plants for our garden plot. There's something nice about riding a bike to a garden store, then loading up the bike trailer with flowers and vegetable plants. I don't think Mason minded sharing his chariot.


On our way back, Mason decided to take a little nap, so we decided to take advantage of the situation and ride out to the ocean to soak in the beautiful day a little more. We then completed our loop back home, stopping at a little mart along the water to take a quick gatorade break. We sat for a while there, watching the pelicans watch the sea lions. Mason woofed, which is his standard response to most all animals. Close enough.

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