Boulder Creek Road Bike Ride

Our last backroads-biking trip was back in December. After our last attempt was a success (after so many failed attempts), I expected to get back out pretty quickly — but then the holidays hit, we started doing a lot of running in preparation of Jeannie’s half-marathon, and we just generally got busy, so we haven’t done as much biking as I would have hoped.

I found Boulder Creek Road — the road was perfect for our needs — a good surface, not too much traffic, and a nice grade (we gained a total of 1800 feet, and while I was breathing pretty hard for a lot of that, it was totally doable).

We’ll definitely do this one again, and push on a bit further. The road continues for quite a while longer, and there are a couple of side-roads that may be good to explore as well.

We basically rode for five miles (up over a crest and then a long descent), found a nice spot for lunch, played around a bit, and then headed back the way we came.  The return trip was a bit tougher, climbing steadily for four miles before descending back to our car.  We kept it pretty short since this was our first ride in quite a while — hopefully we’ll start to extend these more over the coming months.

The view from our lunch spot.

Just lookin’ good

More road to explore next time….

Planning our next adventure while waiting for little man to wake up.