Finally. Back to Backpacking

Two years. Almost exactly.


It has been a long time since I've been backpacking. Having a child will do things like that. We've been able to do some short hikes, but any hikes of the multi-day variety have been non-existant, until this past weekend where we were able to do a spectacular loop hike in the North Cascades.


On our way up to Hannegan Pass



Ruth Mountain from our campsite on Hannegan Pass.


Views of Ruth Mountain and Mt. Shuksan on the way up to Copper Ridge


View from Copper Ridge.  Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker in the distance.


Time for lunch before climbing up to the Lookout


Beginning our decent from Copper Ridge.  Mt. Redoubt in the distance.


Crossing the Chilliwack River.  Frigid water, and you have to cross Indian Creek right after this, which is just as wide and cold.  There were quite a few spawning salmon in the river though.  Don't think we stepped on any during our crossing.


Some of the salmon that we may or may not have stepped on during our crossing.


The cable car crossing over the Chilliwack River (this shows another group of hikers pulling it back over for their crossing).  I don't like heights, or being suspended in a small metal cage hanging from a cable, but it went well enough.


Jeannie getting ready for the cable car crossing.


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