Jennie Lake Loop

Our first backpacking trip with Mason was a bit of a test, just a quick out-and-back to test the waters of backpacking with a two-and-a-half year old.  This trip, his second backpack actually felt like a real backpack.  We did three days, backpacking 8 miles the first day, 9 the second, and 10 on our last day.  While the mileage was less than what we would normally do, carrying a little one and all of that extra gear more than made up for the fewer miles.  By the end of the trip we were pretty exhausted -- which is great, that's one of the attributes that makes for a great trip in my book!



Jennie Lake


Getting warm after our hike in


Day 2: Jennie Lake to Ranger Lake







Twin Lake (Several pretty nice campsites at Twin Lake)


The view from the pass between Twin Lake and Ranger Lake


Sunset from near Ranger Lake


Day 3 - Ranger Lake - Out


A beautiful morning at Ranger Lake


Planning our day


A favorite activity for the little one was to keep an eye out for interesting feathers.  He had a nice collection.


All loaded up and ready to go


Planning our next trip 





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